Currently, the total installed capacity to generate electricity in Rwanda is 332.6 MW from different power plants. By generation technology mix, 51% is from thermal sources, followed by hydro sources (43.9%) and solar sources with 4.2%. 


List of Power Plants

As part of the efforts to increase the current capacity, a number of projects to build new power plants are underway and will add more capacity on the existing national grid by the year 2024. These include among others Hakan peat to power plant which will add 80MW, Rusumo Falls Hydropower plant (26MW ), Rusizi III (48.3MW ), Shema (56 MW) and Nyabarongo II (43.5 MW ). 

These projects are expected to considerably reduce the usage of expensive sources (fuel) and change the generation technology mix as indicated in the graph below:

Hydro Power


Over the last decade, Rwanda’s hydropower sector showed a tremendous progress. Overall installed capacity of power is about 235.6MW, hydropower contributing 50.5% of it. This was achieved by involving private...



With a potential of 4.5 kWh per m2 per day and approximately 5 peak sun hours, solar energy has a huge potentiality in Rwanda. Currently, Rwanda’s total on-grid installed solar energy is 12.230 MW originating...

Methan Gas

Methane gas

Methane Gas Resources is found in the Lake Kivu in the Eastern African Rift Zone. The lake contains high concentrations of naturally occurring methane gas (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), with the highest...

Peat To Power


Rwanda peat study indicate that Rwandan peat bogs contain up to 155 million tonnes of dry peat covering a combined area of 50 000 hectares. About 77% of peat reserves are near Akanyaru and Nyabarongo rivers and...



Currently, there are 5 Diesel power plants in Rwanda are generating 26.76% of the total electricity in Rwanda. All the efforts being made to develop the energy production aim at reducing the rate of Diesel in the...



Serious investigations on Rwanda geothermal resources started in 2006 with a view of diversifying energy sources for electricity generation. Surface geo-scientific studies conducted from 2006 to 2012 indicated...

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