By end of June 2019, some 1,278.82 km of High Voltage (HV) transmission lines had been laid, evacuating power from various points of generation across the country, as well as facilitating regional interconnectivity. These are mainly 110kV and 220kV transmission lines.

The 70kV lines previously running through Birembo-Musha to Kabarondo substation that existed till 2013, were upgraded to 110 kV to improve network reliability and power supply stability amidst the country’s changing power demand profile. In total, 13 high voltage transmission lines (193.5 km) were completed in the last 8 years from 2010 to 2018

Since 2015, Rwanda has directed investments towards more advanced transmission infrastructure with the construction of 93.5 km of 220kV Mirama-Shango transmission line, to support regional power trade from Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda in future as and whenever needed. 

Some other transmission lines were already built to beef-up the existing network, including the 119 km of 110 kV transmission line: Rulindo – Ngarama – Gabiro – Musha, recently completed and energized.

Among the planned transmission lines projects in the next few years include: 

  • 220 kV Transmission line to evacuate power from the Peat-Power Plant underway in Gisagara district linking Mamba, Rwabusoro and Bugesera at a distance of 53 km. This line is expected to be completed in 2019.
  • 220 kV Transmission line to evacuate power from Rusumo Regional Hydro Power Plant linking Rusumo, Bugesera and Shango at a distance of 119 km. It is expected to be completed in 2019.
  • 220 kV Transmission line evacuating power from the Western parts of Rwanda from  Karongi, Kigoma to Rwabusoro at a distance of 74km. It is expected to be completed in 2019.
  • 220 kV transmission line linking Kigoma – Gisagara - Gitega (Burundi Border) at a distance of 62 km line. This line to be completed in 2019 will strengthen the network in Gisagara and Huye districts and potential power exchange between Rwanda and Burundi. power exchange between Rwanda and Burundi.
  • 220 Kv transmission line linking Karongi to Kamanyola (DRC). This 92.8 km line will evacuate power from Rusizi III regional Hydro Power plant.
  • 110 Kv transmission line linking Mukungwa to Nyabihu (23.3 km). This line will enhance network strengtening in parts of Nyabihu and neighboring areas. It is expected to be completed in 2019 
  • 110kV single circuit Jabana I - Mt.Kigali - Gahanga

Currently there are 27 substations that are operational around the country as transmission lines are being laid out countrywide so as substations.

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