As of end of June 2021, the total length of the transmission network, including 220kV and 110kV lines, was recorded at 944.39 km across the country. By end June 2021, three (3) high voltage substations of Mamba, Rwabusoro and Bugesera along the transmission line Mamba-Rwabusoro-Bugesera-Gahanga as well as 30/30kV Camp-Belge substation and the temporary 110/30kV Rubavu substation along Mukungwa-Nyabihu transmission line were completed and commissioned, bringing the total number to 37 substations including 5 switchyards located at power plants of Gishoma, Jabana II, Mukungwa, Ntaruka and Nyabarongo I.

The 70kV lines previously running through Birembo-Musha to Kabarondo substation that existed till 2013, were upgraded to 110 kV to improve network reliability and power supply stability amidst the country’s changing power demand profile. 

The transmission network development plan was updated and the key updates incorporated are the following:

  • Modeling of the transmission system with updated infrastructure parameters
  • Contingency Analysis (N- 1), using DigSilent Power Factory, on the national electricity transmission system to ensure that this condition is met.
  • Updates on the commissioning of different projects
  • The roadmap for the development plan of Industrial Parks Supply
  • Musanze, Bugesera, Muhanga, Huye and Rusizi Industrial Parks and Nyabihu SS plots
  • Updated Transformer movement (Mt. Kigali to Rubavu S/S).  Project Cost Update (inclusion of additional costs (VAT, feasibility study costs, expropriation costs)).
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