REG is Rwanda Energy Group. It’s a holding company in charge of energy in Rwanda. It has 2 subsidiary companies which are EDCL (Energy Development Corporation Ltd. ) in charge of energy development projects and EUCL (Energy Utility Corporation Limited) in charge of utility and maintenance. 

As we said in the 1st question, REG is a holding company. It has a role to supervise and monitor its two subsidiary companies, EDCL and EUCL. These two subsidiaries are the ones that deal with operations and services. EDCL is mainly into development projects while EUCL is the one that does the commercial activities and maintenance. When customers have electricity issues, EUCL is the one that intervenes. 

REG and EUCL headquarters are in Kigali, near SULFO Headquarters. EDCL is located in Kigali City Tower in the city center. We also have branches all over the country. In every District, there is one branch of EUCL except in Kigali City where there are 3 additional branches due to the bigger number of customers

You can call our toll free number, 2727 and get in touch with our call center any time. You can also browse the contact section of our website and find the phone numbers and emails of all our branches. 

You can either request for a new connection either online or by using hard copies. To get a new connection, the customer must fulfill the following preconditions:
•    Fill the Service Application Form (online or hard copy) and provide the requisite information (i.e.: legal name of applicant, service address, mailing address, work phone number, mobile phone number, PLUS the name, address and phone number of a personal reference);
•    Provide all necessary attachments (ID card/passport, proof of ownership/land title);
•    Make Full payment OR negotiate payment in instalments for service connection (as per the new connection policy);
•    Provide any other information REG may need;

The first 15 units that you will buy every month are charged at the rate of 89 Frws. The rest of the units is 212 Frws  but when you go beyond 50 units, you will be charged 249 for the additional units. 

Payment is only done on REG/EUCL/EDCL accounts. No cash payment is allowed. If one of our employees request a cash payment, please report him/her to 2727 or 0788310606.

This is not allowed at all. We consider any facilitation given to our staff as a corruption. If he/she even asks for it, please report him/her to 0788310606. 

The power cuts are due to the old distribution network which was build since the 60s and sometimes gets overloaded due to the demand that has increased. Rwanda has developed tremendously and the demand sometimes surpasses the capacity of this old network. Currently, there are many ongoing projects aiming at strengthening and expanding the existing network. 

You can either call or write to your respective branch or call on our toll-free line 2727. We are currently developing an online system where your will soon be able to view your arrears online by just filling in your customer account number 

Call your respective branch or call us on our toll free number 2727. We will connect you to the technical engineer for the maintenance ticket.

You can either call your respective Branch or call our toll-free line 2727 and we connect you to  the responsible person.

There are two options to purchase power. You can either use Pivot or eStep via MTN mobile money, Tigo Cash, Airtel Money or bank account. You can also dial *720# via your mobile telephone.  If both options are not working for you, please call your respective branch or our call center (2727) to know if there is another issue with your meter (cash power). 

Call the call centers of the telecommunication company (MTN or AIRTEL-TIGO) or bank you used. You can also call our call center (2727) in case you are not satisfied with the answer from these telecom companies. 

You can visit or call your respective branch or call us on our toll free number 2727

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