S No.TitleCategoryDue DateDownload
1Advert for 3 Positions in EDCLEDCL10 Dec 2021
2Job advertisement for the position of Security Operations SpecialistREG11 Nov 2021
3Job advertisement for the position of Risk ManagerREG11 Nov 2021
4Jobs advertisement for various positions in EUCLEUCL22 Oct 2021
5Advert for 8 Positions in RUEAP/EDCLEDCL06 Oct 2021
6Cancelation of Recruitment for four (4) positions: Energy Planning Specialist /RUEAP, Planning Civil Engineer /RUEAP, Off Grid Specialist /RUEAP and Projects District Coordinator /GEFEDCL30 Sep 2021
7Projects Implementation Coordinator Position in EDCLEDCL07 Sep 2021
8Job advert for 12 different Positions in RUEAP/EDCLEDCL10 Sep 2021
9Job advert for 7 different Positions in RUEAP/EDCLEDCL03 Sep 2021
10Job Advert Transmission Engineer for RUSUMO HPP (re-advert)EDCL27 Aug 2021
11REG Job Advertisement in Corporate SecretaryREG13 Aug 2021
12Job advert for the Position of Head of Procurement and Legal SpecialistEUCL31 May 2021
13Job advert for two positions in EDCLEDCL18 Jun 2021
14Job advert for the Position of Head of Procurement and Legal SpecialistEUCL31 May 2021
15Multiple Job Vacancies in REGEUCL21 May 2021
16Multiple Job Vacancies at EUCLEUCL26 Mar 2021
17Advert of Manager Legal Services position in EDCLEDCL24 Mar 2021
18Job Vacancies for Corporate Planning Manager, Risk Specialist, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Corporate Planning Specialist, and Compliance AnalystREG15 Mar 2021
19Advert for Construction Materials Planning Engineer-EARPEDCL02 Mar 2021

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