Policies & Regulations

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1Ministerial Guidelines for Clean Cooking Technologies
2Ministerial Guidelines on Minimum Standard Requirements for Solar Home Systems
3Reticulation Standards for Street Lights Design, Construction and Maintenance
4Energy Sector Strategic Plan - 2018/19 - 2023/24
5Electricity Tariffs
6Reticulation Standards for Electricity Distribution Planning, Construction and Maintenance
7Solar Water Heating Regulations
8Rwanda Grid Code
9Regulation Governing the Simplified Licensing Framework for Rural Electrification in Rwanda
10Rural Electrification Strategy
11Regulations on Rwanda Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff
12Prime Minister's Order on Transfer of Responsibilities and Properties of EWSA
13Guidelines Promoting Energy Efficiency Measures
14Guidelines on Right of way for Power Lines
15Electricity Safety Regulations
16Electricity Quality of Service Regulations
17Electricity Licensing Regulations
18Rwanda Electricity Law
19Regulations on Electrical Installations
20Energy Sector Strategic Plan
21New Connection Policy
22Rwanda Energy Policy

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