Power Plant

Renewable energy (Sub-Total) 135.478  
Renewable share % to the total generation 56.199  
1NtarukaOn-grid11.250REG/ GoR1959
2Mukungwa 1On-grid12.000REG/GoR1982
3Nyabarongo IOn-grid28.000REG/ GoR2014
4GisenyiOn-grid1.700PRIME ENERGY LTD/ PPP1957
5GihiraOn-grid1.800RMT LTD/ PPP1984
6Murundaon-grid0.100REPRO LTD/ IPP2010
7Rukarara 1On-grid9.000NGALI ENERGY LTD/ PPP2010
8AgatobweOff-grid0.390CARERA-EDERER/ IPP2010
9JanjaOn-grid0.200RWANDA ENERGY UK LTD/ PPP2012
10RugeziOn-grid2.600RMT  LTD/PPP2011
11KeyaOn-grid2.200ENERGICOTEL LTD/ PPP2011
13NkoraOn-grid0.680ENERGICOTEL LTD/ PPP2011
14MutoboOn-grid0.200REPRO LTD/ IPP2009
15Mukungwa 2On-grid3.600PRIME ENERGY LTD/ PPP2013
17CyimbiliOn-grid0.300ENERGICOTEL LTD/ PPP2011
18MazimeruOn-grid0.500ENNY LTD / IPP2012
19Nyamyotsi IIOn-grid0.100ENERGICOTEL LTD/ PPP2011
20NyirabuhombohomboOff-grid0.650RWANDA ENERGY UK LTD/ PPP2013
21Nyamyotsi IOn-grid0.100ENERGICOTEL LTD/ PPP2007
22Nshili1On-grid0.400REG /GoR2012
23GashashiOn-grid0.280PRIME ENERGY LTD/ PPP2013
24MusararaOn-grid0.400AMAHORO ENERGY LTD/IPP2013
25Rukarara 2On-grid2.200PRIME ENERGY LTD/ PPP2014
26Giciye1 On-grid4.000RMT LTD/ IPP2014
27Giciye2On-grid4.000RMT LTD/ IPP2016
28GasekeOn-grid0.500NOVEL ENERGY LTD /IPP2016
29Rwaza-Muko on-grid2.600Rwaza-Muko SPV 2018
30Ruzizi 1On-grid4.100SNEL/ IPP1958
31Ruzizi 2On-grid12.000SNELAC/ PPP1989
32Rukarara V & Mushishitoon-grid5.000REFAD2019
33Kigasaon-grid0.272LED Solutions2020
34Nyirantaruko On-grid1.840Nyirantaruko Hydropower Ltd2020
35Rubagabagaon-grid0.450 2019
36Mukugu Pico power plantOff-grid0.016Handed over to REG in Jan/20202020
37Giciye IIIongrid9.800RMT-Energy Development Ltd2020
Total Hydropower  123.428  
37JaliOn-grid0.250MAINZ/ IPP 
38GigaWatt /RwamaganaOn-grid8.500GIGAWATT GLOBAL/ IPP2015
39Nasho Solar On-grid3.300REG/GoR2017
Total Solar  12.050  
Non-renewable energy (sub-total) 103.590  
No-renewable energy % to the total generation 42.971  
40Jabana 1On-grid7.800REG/GoR 
42Hakan PTPOn-grid35.000REG/GoR2022
43SoEnergy LTD ( SEZ)On-grid10.000SoEnergy / IPP2017
44SoEnergy LTD ( MUKUNGWA)On-grid10.000SoEnergy / IPP2017
45Jabana 2On-grid21.000REG /GoR 
46SoEnergy LTD ( Birembo)On-grid10.000SoEnergy / IPP2017
47KP1On-grid3.600SYMBION POWER / PPP2012
48Kibuye Gaz methaneOn-grid26.190KIVUWATT LTD / IPP2015
Total Thermal  138.590  
Mixed (not well specified)  
Grand TOTAL  276.068  
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