As of today, a total of  28,985.8 kilometers of distribution lines have been constructed across the country, in a bid to extend electricity producers to the end user. Of these, 10,520.1 km are Medium Voltage lines while 18,465.7km are low voltage distribution lines. 

Below map shows current existing and ongoing electricity distribution lines (Medium Voltage lines) as well as ongoing site.

Low Voltage

Currently, Rwanda’s electricity distribution network is covered by 17,334.25 km of low voltage lines giving access to on-grid electricity to 47.6% of Rwanda households.

Medium Voltage

The current Rwanda electricity distribution network is covered by a total of 9,883.56 km of Medium Voltage lines . These include the 30kV, 15kV lines, 17.32 kV and 5.5 KV. According to the current...

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