Executive Management

Eng. Ron WEISS

Chief Executive Officer/ REG

Mr. Ron Weiss has been the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) since May 2017. Prior to joining REG, Ron served as the Senior Vice President, Engineering Projects and Business Development Group for the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). He comes to this position after holding a series of‎ ‎positions in the IEC in the field of Electricity generation and in the field of Transmission and Distribution (Division Manager).

Ron has extensive experience in the Design, Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Power Generation Units, Substations and Switching Stations and Project Management. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and a Master’s degree from the Technion.  

Ron is married and a father of four.

Armand Zingiro

Managing Director/ EUCL

Mr. Armand Zingiro is an Electrical Engineer from the Tshwane University of Technology former Pretoria Technikon in South Africa. He has 13 years of experience in the engineering domain  focusing in electrical designs and project management. He joined EUCL as Director of distribution Operations February 2017, with a primary task to stabilize the distribution network and provide reliable power supply to end users.

Prior to joining EUCL he was a division manager working with a South African company Fifth Dimension Technologies for 10 years a company dealing with virtual reality simulators in different sector, energy, mining, defence and transport. He commissioned several projects all over the world in Africa, Asia and America.


Managing Director/ EDCL

Mr. Gakuba is an Electromechanics Engineer with over 18 years of experience in the energy sector in the great lakes region. His work experience ranges from electrification programs, generation and transmission planning, and project management. Prior to joining EDCL as the Managing Director in 2018, he was coordinating multi-funded regional and transnational infrastructure programs at the CEPGL (Economic Community Great Lakes Region). 
He joined former ELECTROGAZ as a fresh graduate from the University of Burundi and spent 10 years working on various line rehabilitation and construction projects. He worked as a planning engineer and later served as the Head of Planning and Studies Development.
As the Managing Director of EDCL, a subsidiary of the Rwanda Energy Group (REG), his primary objective is to ensure that the company aligns with its mission, which is to develop and provide reliable and affordable energy while creating value for its stakeholders.

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