The Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL) was incorporated to have devoted attention in providing energy utility services in the Country through operations and maintenance of existing generation plants, transmission and distribution network and retail of electricity to end-users. In executing its mandate, the Company will strive to achieve;

a) Optimized generation capacity and economic plant dispatch to meet short and long-term energy supply requirements;
b) Enhanced operational efficiency (progressive system loss reduction, billing and collection efficiency, network reliability and high quality of service);
c) Improved customer service;
d) Network growth and increased connections within the foot print of electrified areas thereby making an effective contribution to the EDPRS targets.

The Company has four main processes feeding into the core business; Policies planning, Marketing planning and development, Distribution planning and development within already electrified areas and Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants and Transmission & Distribution Networks owned by the Utility. The utility will also play a key role in the execution of Power Purchase/Power Sales Agreements with IPPS and other regional utilities for import and export.

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