Rwanda ranks the 2nd in Africa in ease of doing business and 1st in the Eastern African region. The country boasts of appropriate legal and institutional frame-works that ensure investors value for money on their investments. Rwanda Development Board (RDB) coordinates all investment processes and commercial courts are able to handle and settle any disputes that may arise.

For Energy Projects, the following are some of the incentives offered by the GoR (Refer to Rwanda Development Board for details):

  1. PPAs signed with REG
  2. Provision of transmission access to power projects
  3. Provision of road access, water supply and other necessary infrastructure needed to develop projects
  4. Fiscal and non-fiscal incentives including tax exemptions on power equipment in line with the Rwanda Investment Code.
  5. Provision of land for power projects or compensation of private developers for land acquisition where applicable


EDCL Planning Department:

Mr. Esdras RUGIRA

Ag. Director of Planning

PH: (+250)788855238


General investment related information

The EDCL Off-grid and Alternative Energies Department


Director of Off-grid and Alternative Energies

PH: (+250)788350132


 Information on Solar Projects, Wind, Biogas, off-grid and Lake Kivu Management

The EDCL Generation and Transmission Department

Mr. Theoneste HIGANIRO

Acting Director of Generation and Transmission

PH: (+250)788679977


General information on Transmission lines, ongoing Generation Projects and Petroleum related business.

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