Facts & Figures

Sr No. Name Of The Fact Category Period Value
1% of Households having on-grid electricity Access January 2024 54%
2% of households with access to electricity Access January 2024 75.9%
3% of Households having off-grid electricity Access December 2023 21.44%
4Total number of off-grid connections - November 2023 716,675
5Total Number of On-grid Connections Distribution November 2023 1,839,965
6Total Km of Transmission Lines Transmission November 2023 1158 Km
7Total Km of MV lines on the national grid Distribution November 2023 10,825.5 km
8Total Km of LV lines on the national grid Access November 2023 18,766 km
9Installed Generation capacity on the National Grid Generation May 2022 276.068 MW

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