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Inauguration of Rubavu Electricity Distribution Network Upgrade Project Funded by the Kingdom of Belgium 

Rubavu, March 12, 2022 - Hon. Dr. Ernest NSABIMANA, Minister of Infrastructure together with H.E Bert Versmessen, the Ambassador of Belgium to Rwanda, officially inaugurated the completed upgrade of the electrical distribution network in...

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Important safety precautions on electrical installation 

Although electricity helps us in our daily lives, it is important to use it cautiously, as when misused it can lead to serious accidents including fire, damage to our home and equipment, injuries and even death.

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The updated electrification plan increases targeted on-grid connections to 70% by the year 2024

In an effort to further boost Rwanda's economy, the Government of Rwanda has committed to 100% electrification by the year 2024. Rwanda Energy Group (REG) unveiled a new electrification plan, whereby the number of targeted households...

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Best Performing Departments and Branches at REG awarded in an annual evaluation of performance

On Thursday 30th December, 2021, members of senior managements of Rwanda Energy Group and its two subsidiary companies (EDCL and EUCL) held a virtual meeting to evaluate performance of departments and branches during the year 2020/2021...

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BE-EARP, a project funded by Belgium, has provided access to 44,000 households 

Among the development targets set by the Government of Rwanda, universal access to electricity is included in a bid to accelerate development and improve service delivery in the private and public institutions. 

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Burera: 4,700 households got electricity thanks to new completed distribution lines

New distribution lines to connect households in Burera District was completed and enabled connection of more than 4,700 households in the District. Construction of these lines was part of a big project sponsored by the World Bank  and it...

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178,221 households were connected to the national grid during the year 2020/2021

In order to accelerate economic development, the Government of Rwanda has set a target to electrify every single household in the country, either by on-grid connection or provision of off-grid solutions.

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Construction of lines to electrify more than 12,000 households in Nyagatare and Gatsibo Districts nears completion

More than 12,000 households located in Nyagatare and Gatsibo districts have already started being connected to the grid thanks to distribution lines under construction in the area under the project funded by the Arab Bank for Economic...

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