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178,221 households were connected to the national grid during the year 2020/2021

In order to accelerate economic development, the Government of Rwanda has set a target to electrify every single household in the country, either by on-grid connection or provision of off-grid solutions.  
During the year 2020/2021, a total of 178,221 households were connected to the national grid. Among the connections made last year include 1000 productive users such as Sector and Cell offices, health facilities, schools water pumping stations and markets to name but a few. 
Another achievement made last year was to reach 100% of sectors in Rwanda which have access to on grid electricity. As of today, all sectors in Rwanda have access to electricity. 
Sectors which didn’t have at all access to electricity and were recently connected to electricity include Cyabakamyi Sector in Nyanza District, Rwaniro in Huye District, Mugano, Musange and Nkomane Sectors of Nyamagabe District,  Mutuntu in Karongi, Nyabirasi in Rutsiro, Gasange in Gatsibo, Ndego in Kayonza as well as Kibangu Sector in Muhanga District. 
Apart from electrification projects, there are other ongoing projects aimed at upgrading and renovating existing networks to ensure stability of power supply. Among these projects include the upgrade of the distribution network in the Eastern Province from “Single phase” to “Three Phase”. There is another project which was recently completed in Rubavu District which upgraded the existing network and improved the quality of power supply in the area. 
Projects to build new power substations to accelerate electricity access are also ongoing. In Nyabihu District, a new substation is nearing its completion. It will improve the quality of power supply in Nyabihu District as the area has industries and other businesses that need to consume a high amount of power. Nyabihu Substation will also supply electricity to bordering Districts inter-alia Musanze, Ngororero and Rubavu.
Bugesera substation is also complete in Bugesera District. This substation will improve the quality of power supply in Bugesera and supply electricity to Bugesera Airport and industrial zone. 
Statistics indicate that in Rwanda, households which have access to electricity have increased up to 65%, including 47.2% connected to the grid and 17.8 using off-grid solutions. 

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