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Rusizi: 7697 households will have been connected to the grid by the end of this year 

A new electrical line distributing electricity in different parts of Rusizi District connecting to the grid more than 7697 households is now at its completion phase. By the end of this year, all these households will have been connected to the grid. As of now, 4383 are already connected.

Among the 95 thousand households located in Rusizi District, 60% have access to electricity, including 54% connected to the national grid while the rest are using off-grid solutions, mainly solar home system. 

The project to build this line started in 2017 but the company which was contracted, Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (OIA), which failed to complete the works and REG took over the works in the midst of this year. All the households to be connected to the grid by this line will celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with electricity. 

Gikundamvura and Nkungu sectors are one of the areas which were recently connected to the grid by this line. Residents of these sectors are now jubilating as they no longer have to travel long distances to access services requiring electricity. 
“I have agreed with my friends to jointly start a carpentry workshop and produce materials that are needed here in our area” said Dusengimana Alphonse living in Gikundamvura, adding that they used to travel a long distance up to a neighboring sector to get their hair cut or have their crops milled. 

Mukambayire Agnes aged 65, says that service delivery at their SACCO has improved thanks to electricity. 
“There are many times that I could come here and go back without getting my money just because the battery in the computer was finished and needed charging. Now, this issue no longer exists because we have electricity” She said. 

Byukusenge Judith, the accountant at Gikundamvura Sacco said that they had to go pay a moto to bring their computer to CIMERWA for charging and that it costed them around 4000 Frws. 

The Executive Secretary of Gikundamvura Sector, Hategekimana Claver also said that electricity has improved service delivery at his sector. 

“Sometimes we had to shift our offices and go to Muganza Sector where we could find electricity, which hampered our service delivery. Now, things have changed thanks to electricity” he said. 

He also said that residents of this sector were reluctant to build good houses as there was no electricity, and that now the area is going to see more investments. 

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