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This project is expected to increase 40% of national power capacity and it will bring more energy independence to the Country since it is meant to use 100% of domestic fuel leading to reduction of imports.

The launching took place in Gisagara District on this Tuesday, 10th May 2017 where the Minister of Infrastructure, Honorable James Musoni together with other Officials and various partners on the project broke the ground at the construction site in Mamba Sector alongside Akanyaru River.

Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. Musoni James (center), Minister of State for Energy and Water, Hon. Germaine Kamayirese (2nd left) and other officials lay the foundation for the 80MW peat to power plant in Gisagara District

This 80MW Peat-Fired Power Plant will be constructed under a Build Operate, Own and Transfer (BOOT) basis with a 26 year of Power Purchase Agreement. It involves construction and operations of both peat harvesting facilities and power generation facilities. The Project has a second phase, which has an additional 40MW of capacity.

With a total project cost of $350 Million and the construction is expected to be completed in 36 Months. After the construction HQ power will operate the plant for 26 years and then transfer it to the Government of Rwanda.

“This project is a synergy with other strategic projects that Rwanda has invested in, and is expected to bring more energy independence to our country” said the Minister of Infrastructure, Honorable James MUSONI during the groundbreaking ceremony.

He said that the project will increase Rwanda’s installed capacity by 80 MW and might be the biggest power plant in the country by the time it comes on line.

“Together with other energy projects in pipeline, it’s expected that our installed capacity will significantly increase to more than 500MW in the next five years “, he said.

“We are certainly on the right track, towards achieving our development aspirations that were stipulated in our national strategies” he added.

The project is estimated to create more than 1,500 jobs in its first phase of construction, which will last three years while 200 others will get jobs during operation. These jobs will directly impact positively the livelihood of the Gisagara District residents and Rwandans in general.

The project is run by HAKAN AS, a Turkish coal company and investor, together with QUANTUM POWER, an international power company and THEMIS, a project development company. It counts on the funding from various lenders including Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), FINNFUND, India Exim Bank, PTA Bank, Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and the African Export Import Bank.

"We believe this plant will not only bring electricity to the people, it will bring more to this region and to the country” said the Chief Executive Officer of Hakan AS.

Gisagara residents celebrating the launch of the project

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