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Rutsiro: for the first time in the history, Nyabirasi sector residents have accessed electricity

Residents of Nyabirasi Sector in Rutsiro District are happy to have access to electricity, which they considered a dream.

Nyabirasi sector is one of the 10 sectors in Rwanda that haven’t accessed electricity and the recent National Leadership Retreat resolved to fast-track the installation of electrical wires to ensure that those sectors access electricity.

Nyabirasi is a rural sector located in Rutsiro District, with more than 6,579 households. It is a remote sector compared to other sectors in the District, which still needs infrastructure but the access to electricity since Monday, June 22, 2020 will facilitate the development.

Residents were overjoyed when they saw the lights begin to flash, which they considered to be a dream but are now being true.

Abasi Jean, a resident of Mubuga Cell, Nyabirasi Sector says that they long waited for electricity but now they are extremely happy for having it.

Abasi says he is about to start his own business, set up a carpentry workshop and make money.

Nyabirasi Sector Office and the Mubuga Milk Collection, as well as the households located in Mubuga Cell are the ones that have accessed electricity for this first batch.

Farmers in the Sector who are members of the “Uruhimbi” Cooperative using this milk collection, say that their production is going to increase and they will get a higher profit.

Zimurinda Joseph, a member of the cooperative’s executive committee, said they were happy to receive the electricity.

“We used to use an oil-powered generator, but due to the fact that it work tirelessly it tends to have problems and it was affected every day. The fact that we have accessed electricity today is a solution for the farmers in Nyabirasi Sector ”.

Zimurinda says the generator has already cost them more than $ 3.5 million of maintenance.

Mpirwa Migabo, the Executive Secretary of Nyabirasi Sector did not hesitate to express his happiness after acquiring electricity.

“I would like to thank His Excellency the President of the Republic for making his speech effective. In Nyabirasi sector, we did not have any electrical pylons, but today we have electricity, we will not forget the history of this sector and its people because this is an outstanding achievement that is helping us to grow the economy, ”he said.

Mpirwa said residents of the Sector had to travel many kilometers to get electricity related services to Mahoko, in Rubavu District. He said that even in the Sector Offices it was difficult to provide some services without electricity.

“Now I would say that we have found the answer and we are very happy. The people are now going to use electricity for their own benefit, they are going to start doing handicrafts, milling, shaving, and so on. ” he added.

Maniraguha Jean Pierre, Rwanda Energy Corporation (REG) Branch Manager in Rutsiro District, said that the project to supply electricity to the sector and to various other sectors was funded by the World Bank and that it would continue to supply electricity to various places in Rutsiro.

“It simply came to our notice then. What I would like to ask the residents of this Sector is to start thinking about the activities that they use to develop and protect electricity infrastructures from anyone who wants to destroy them, as well as the fraudsters who pretend to be REG employees and doing illegal services ”.

According to Maniraguha, more than 43% of households in Rutsiro District have access to electricity, including those connected to the grid and those using solar energy.

The project, which delivered electricity to Rutsiro Sector, is part of a World Bank-sponsored project. In particular in Rutsiro District it will provide electricity to more than 5871 households in Kivumu and Nyabirasi Sectors.

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