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Rusororo Automated Fuel Depot to boost Country’s fuel stock

This first automated fuel depot in East African Community was constructed in a bid to boost the country’s capacity to have more fuel stock. The facility is made up of 5 fuel tanks with 22 million liters storage capacity. Among the tanks, two are reserved for diesel storage-10million litres, two for Petroleum-10million liters and one tank reserved for Jet A1 (commercial aviation fuel)-2million liters.

The services provided at the depot incorporate storage of petroleum products for local consumption and regional export, hospitality for local and regional marketers and in-tank sales.

The stored fuel is mainly imported from Dar es Salam Tanzania. Current, Rwanda is a fuel transit route to some of other neighboring countries including Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo  

To monitor operations at the facility, technology based software has been installed with digital systems that regulate the inflow and out flow of petroleum products, trucks loading and offloading procedures are handled with a digital monitoring system.  

With these high standard facilities at the depot, loading and offloading petroleum products process is done faster, 7 oil trucks can be loaded at ago while 3 tracks can be offloaded at the same time. With the help of this enabling high technology facilities/automated systems, a 40 thousand litre truck is being offloaded in only 30 minutes while 2,500 liters are loaded in only one minute.

With theoil reserves amounting to a total storage capacity of 74Million Liters, the country is in position to mitigate the challenge of decline in commercial stocks that leads to price hikers.

Construction works of Rusororo automated Fuel depot started in 2014 and the facility is meant to be launched officially this month (June) and this will mark also the commencement of the construction of other facilities with the  capacity of 38 Million Liters.

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