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Ngororero: 724 initial on-grid connections were done on a line to connect more than 4000 this year  

More than 700 families are jubilating as they got access to the electricity thanks to an electrical line under construction in Ngororero District which will soon connect to the grid a total of 4184 households in 5 sectors of the District namely Ngororero, Hindiro, Matyazo, Kavumu and Kabaya.

As of now, 724 households have already been connected to the grid thanks to this line under construction. These new connections were added to the 21,565 households which already have access to electricity in Ngororero District. 

Ishimwe Félicien, living in Kanyenyeri Village, Kanseke Cell already started a photocopying and printing business in the village. He now makes copies of IDs and other documents for his neighbors and gains money.  He says that he has had this business idea for a long time, but only started it after getting electricity. 

 “I couldn’t start my business as we had no electricity. As soon as my house was connected, I immediately started this business” he said. 

Previously, it was hard for him to even buy clothes for himself, but now he gains around 3,000 Frws every day and his neighbors have the photocopying service in their area.  

Uwasabwimana Marie Claire who came to get his ID copied, said that before getting electricity in their area, it was hard to find this service. She was obliged to go to another center called Vunga and the travel costed her more than 1000 Frws  while the service costs only 100 Frws.  

Nyiranzaramyuwimpaye Libérathe in charge of economic development and social in Kanseke Cell said that before getting electricity, service delivery at the cell was not easy. 

 “We need electricity to use our computers when filling in the Ubudehe categories and sending reports. We were used to collect hard copies and go to the Sector office to look for electricity and use our computers.” 

She says that it was expensive as the sector is located in 15km from the cell office. ”Now work will be much easier as we have electricity” She added. 

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