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New dreams for Ndiza dwellers as they get access to on-grid electricity

Over 800 households in Rongi and Nyabinoni sectors, an area known as Ndiza in Muhanga District, are currently being connected with on-grid electricity as Rwanda Energy Group continues to expand its power supply services across the country.

With a line crossing Nyabarongo river, this electricity was brought from Ngororero District at a distance of around 12.8 kilometers. Apart from households being connected, this electricity will also serve 23 productive users including markets, health centers, schools and business centers.

Two IDP model villages will also benefit from this electricity. These include Muyebe IDP model village built in 2012 with a total of 188 households and Horezo IDP model village which is currently under construction.

Aimable Ndayisaba, the Executive Secretary of Rongi Sector whose residents are being connected calls on them to make the best out of the electricity provided in the area.

“There was no electricity in our sector, and some business activities could not be feasible, as a result of lack of electricity. But now, thanks to the latest electricity connectivity, more jobs are going to be created to benefit a larger community in the area,” he said.

Ndayisaba revealed that, despite the fact that the area is home to a big quantity of mines, the productivity was yet lower than expected due to substandard machinery used in mining exploitation. However, he is confident standard machines will be used since the area has electricity.

The power connectivity project has also enabled to set up a pumping which will supply clean water from Muhabwa water source to Nyabinoni and Rongi sectors.

Joseph Rwicaninyoni, a 64 year-old businessman in Nyarusozi Cell of Nyabinoni Sector, said the connectivity will help the community start more businesses that require electricity such as milling, welding and hairdressing. 

“This is a huge boost to our businesses. The development in our community was at low pace due to lack of electricity. We were wondering how long it would take to get connected to electricity but now, since we have it, we only see positive changes in our everyday lives. We can now increase working hours while more business projects like welding, photocopying, milling and many more activities are going hopefully going to be done within our reach to cut down transport costs looking for related services far away,” he said.

According to Regis Batangana, the manager of REG branch in Muhanga District,  38% of households in Muhanga are now accessing to electricity, with 27% connected to the grid while  11% have off-grid electricity.

The Government of Rwanda targets 100 per cent power coverage by 2020, with 52 per cent of on-grid electricity and 48 per cent of off-grid electricity.

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