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Ndera substation to stabilize power supply in Kigali Special Economic Zone

On the 27th of September, Hon. Germaine KAMAYIRESE, Minister of State in charge of Energy, Water and Sanitation in Ministry of Infrastructure, His Excellency Mr. Takayuki MIYASHITA, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda, and Mr. Hiroyuki TAKADA, Chief Representative of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Rwanda office, officially inaugurated the completion of Ndera substation.

This substation is part of the second phase of project to improve substations and distribution Network funded by the Government of Japan. It will improve the quality and quantity of power supplied in Kigali Special Economic Zone and Bumbogo Sector. 

While Rwanda has tripled its electricity generation from 75 megawatts in 2010 to the current 218 megawatts (in 2018), and has made electricity accessible to 46.46% of the population, the losses due to old power facilities has been hindering further progress. This explains the importance of the improvement of substations and of upgrading the electricity transmission and distribution network which Japan has supported since 2011. In the first phase (2011-2014), worth 2,454 Million JPY (Japanese Yen) new substations were constructed in Musha and Rwinkwavu in the Eastern Province. The capacity of the distribution network in the Huye city has also been boosted from 6.6 to 30.0 kilo-volts.

Based on the success of the first phase, the Government of Rwanda requested the Government of Japan to extend the support. Thus a second phase started in 2016. Its accomplishments include a new 110/15 kilo-volts substation in Kigali Special Economic Zone, two switching stations as well as 110 kilo-volts transmission lines and 15 kilo-volts distribution lines at Mulindi and Kabuga in Kigali. This milestone, in addition to achievements of the first phase, will play a pivotal role in stabilizing power and reducing electricity losses in Kigali City and neighboring areas.   

On behalf of Government of Rwanda, Minister of State in charge of Energy, Water and Sanitation, Hon. Germaine Kamayirese appreciated vital contributions of Japan Government to improve the lives of Rwandans through different areas such as energy, water and sanitation, agriculture, education and transport sectors.

She noted that on 20th September 2018, The Government of Rwanda and Japan International cooperation Agency (JICA) signed additional financing agreement for phase III to continue supporting the rehabilitation of our substations and electricity distribution network.  “This shows a commitment and continuous supports of Government of Japan and plays a big role to support Rwanda having stable power which is a prerequisite for foreign direct investment as well as meeting the growing demand of stable and efficient power supply”, she said.

The Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda also praised the project as well as involved partners. He hoped that the project will contribute not only to the improvement of the electricity supply in Rwanda but also to the development of the country. He also emphasized that smooth implementation of the project would be critical, and urged all stakeholders to fully commit to the project. 

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