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KWIBUKA 28: REG and WASAC commemorated the former ELECTROGAZ staff victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi

On Thursday 14th of April 2022, the staff and management of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) and Water & Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) remembered the 173 former ELECTROGAZ Staff victims of the Genocide against Tutsi, an event that took place at the Memorial located at REG Headquarters in Kigali.

The commemoration started with laying a wreath at this memorial built at REG Headquarters, where families and friends of the victims, REG and WASAC partners who also attended the event took time to remember and honor the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Honarable Kalisa Evariste who spoke on behalf of the families and friends of the victim ssaid that the Genocide was planned for a long time that is the reason why it took many people.

 “There were signs that the genocide was being prepared which included discrimination, dehumanisation, violations of human rights and extremism etc. “Honarable Kalisa said. 

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of REG, Ron Weiss, vowed that REG and WASAC employees will uphold   unity.

 “Today, we see the high level achievements in reconciliation. It is unfortunate that some people still have a genocide ideology. They still exist, even if they are few. I have a strong belief, that we can fight against anyone who still want to continue in this bad direction. It our responsibility. All the levels in Rwanda are committed to never see the Genocide happen again. All of us, the staff of REG and WASAC, we promise that we will continue to promote unity at our workplaces and in our homes.” He said. 

Rugero Paulin who was representing Ibuka at the event reminded that there are many extinct families which do not even have any family member to remember them and that it’s everyone’s responsibility to take time to honour them. "We are now remembering the former staff of ELECTROGAZ who were victims of the Genocide against Tutsi, but we must also remember many of their families which might be extinct. We are the ones who survived and now live, we are the ones who know them, we must take time to remember and honour them” he said. 

Uwase Patricie, Hon. State Minister in the Ministry of Infrastructure who was the Guest of Honor said that remembrance is a time to honor the victims of the genocide, to heal the wounds of the survivors and to comfort them .

“Genocide survivors still need our help, I encourage everyone to support them, so that they could feel loved especially in this difficult period.” Uwase said

Uwase called upon the event participants and the general public to join efforts in combatting genocide ideology and denial which is seen through social media platforms in different parts of the world.

“We are the ones who know the true history, we are the ones who really know what happened. We are the ones who lived it” she said. 

 “Remember – Unite – Renew”


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