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Kirehe – 9778 households were connected to the grid in 7 months 

Citizens living in 9778 households of Kirehe District were connected to the grid during the last 7 months. They are happy for this development as they have more business opportunities and they have light during the night. 

The Manager of Rwanda Energy Group’s branch in Kirehe District, Mr. Theogene Mupenzi said that from July 2018 up to January 2019 among the households connected, 1940 households are in one sector of Mushikiri. 

“I immediately bought a milling machine. I had this business idea since a long time ago, but I couldn’t do it as we had no electricity” said Murunga Emmanuel living in Mushikiri sector 

Nizeyimana who has a bar in Mushikiri sector says that electricity has enabled him to work till late in the night. 

“We keep working until when we feel tired. This is wonderful! I just load 2000 Frws units and use them for two or three weeks!” he added. 

Munyampeta Fabien who has a bar in Nkoyoyo center says that electricity has enabled him to chill the bears and use a TV set in his bar to attract more clients. 

“Before, I was using a fuel generator which was expensive, but today we are getting enough benefits. I used to spend 2500 Frws per day on fuel, but today I only spend 1000 Frws per week on electricity” he said. 

Access to electricity in Kirehe District has increased from 26.5% last year to 40.5% today, including 29.9% of households connected to the grid and 10.6% using off-grid solutions. 

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