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Kayonza: Residents of Ndego Sector got access to electricity as they were celebrating the Liberation Day 

Residents of Kayonza District in Ndego Sector are jubilating households and various institutions including the Sector Office and the Health Center and various others were connected to the national electrical grid.

Ndego Sector was created in the aftermath of the Genocide against the Tutsi, on a land that was formerly part of Akagera National Park. Today it is inhabited by around 21,000 people.

In early 2019, the first line was built in the sector and connected only one milk collection center. This made the staff of institutions including the sector office and Sacco shift their offices to the Milk collection center to be able to get electricity.  

Other connections in Ndego Sector were made recently in June 2020 when the sector office, Ndego health center and households were connected. 

Kanyabashi Valens, a 52-year-old resident of Gasabo Village, Kiyovu Cell, says that his heart is full of joy because this is his first time to see electricity in Ndego sector. 

“If feel very happy to see that I also have electricity in my home, it is something I used to see elsewhere in other sectors and I used to think that we couldn’t get electricity this soon. May God bless the President of the Republic and all the leaders of this country” he said. 

Kanyabashi went on to say that 26 years after the liberation of Rwanda, Ndego residents have much to be thankful for.

The Director of Ndego Health Center, Murefu Patrick, said that they were using a fuel generator which was costing much money. He said that at sometimes when they were out of fuel, they had to use torches during the night to be able to assist mothers giving birth. According to him, now things have changed. 

“We no longer work in darkness at night and we can use all our electrical appliances. There is one machine that we gave to another health center as we couldn’t use it without electricity, but now we can use it. Our services are going to improve” he said.

The Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs in Kayonza District, Mr. Harerimana Jean Damascene, said that the initial connections were done on the sector office, the health center and surrounding households but that the project will continue and connect all households located in the Sector.   

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