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Kamonyi: 5131 households were connected in 2 years 

Families living in 5131 households which electrified in Kamonyi District say that their livelihoods are changing as they no longer face obscurity during the night and have got more business opportunities thanks to electricity. 

The first connection in Kamonyi was done in 2010 and now 37.7% of all households in the District have access to electricity including 24.7% which use on-grid electricity and 12.9 which use off-grid solutions. 

Since 2017, access to electricity in Kamonyi has increased from 23.04% to 37.7% today. 

 “Electricity is development, we no longer use fuel and “akatadowa” to get light in the night. We now just click on the wall and get the light” said Ruyenzi Vedaste living in Mukinga Cell, Nyamiyaga Sector. 

Bugingo Silas living in Mbayaya Village said that they are now able to watch television and charge their phones. He also said that the electricity light during the night helps to prevent burglary. 

Nayituriki Emmanuel has a carpentry workshop in Mukunguri center. He says that before getting electricity, he was using a manual hand plane which was slow and when he needed to use electrical planes, he used to go to Kinazi in Ruhango situated at a 2 hours walk distance. 

“since we got electricity, I bought electrical machines and I can now produce a big quantity of materials at a lower cost and get more benefit” he said. 

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