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Gisagara: 9867 households were connected to the grid during the year 2018-2019

Out of a target of 10,521 new connections by the end of the year 2018-2019 in Gisagara, Rwanda Energy  Group has already connected 9867  households, making a progress of 93.7% towards the achievement of the annual target. 

On the 09th of May 2019, as households of Muyaga Cell in Mamba Sector were being connected to the grid, residents of the area celebrated saying that this is going to be a beginning of a new life. They said that they are going to start new development projects they could not do before without electricity. 

Bizumugabe Célestin resides in Shyembe village. He said that he is immediately going to start a hair dressing salon. He also said that they used to travel long distance to get their hair cut. 

“where there is electricity, there is development. I will give you an exemple. We produce here a lot of maize but to get flour from it, we were obliged to go to mill it in Musha”. He said. 

“since we have electricity now, people will buy milling machines and we’ll start getting this service from here instead of spending money going to Musha. But no one could bring a milling machine here without electricity” he added. 

Mamba sector has 5195 households with 39 thousand citizens. 58% of these households already have electricity. 

Gisagara District is inhabited by more than 367 citizens living in 76,163 households. Among these households, 31,595 (i.e 41.5%) have electricity.

The Mayor of GIsagara District Rutaburingoga Jérôme  who joined these citizens to celebrate the new connections made in the District, called upon this citizens to take advantage of electricity. 

“There must be a change in all the angles of the lives of these citizens, in schools, health centers, in households, …New businesses should be started and such as hairdressing, milling machines, carpentry, etc..” he said. 


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