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Giciye II Hydro Power Plant to add 4 Mw to the national grid

Kigali 1st June, 2016- The constructions works of Giciye II Micro Hydro Power Plant in Nyabihu district are expected to be completed soon with a production capacity of 4MW.

In the framework of increasing electricity generation in Rwanda, the government has embarked on partnering with private power producers that are now participating in power production. It is in this spirit that Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd decided to seize the opportunity and invest in Hydropower plants. The company currently operates a 4 MW Giciye I Hydropower Plant inaugurated in 2014 on Giciye River and it is expected to even construct GICIYE III after the completion of GICIYE II on the same river.

The underway construction works are expected to be completed June 2016 and after the completion Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd will switch to the construction of Giciye III HPP which will as well generate 4 MW.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), the Government of Rwanda supports Independent Power Producers by constructing access road and building transmission line to evacuate the power from the plant to the national grid.

At the present time transmission lines that will connect Giciye II produced power to the national grid have been already constructed. The increment of electricity generation in the district will facilitate power access to different commercial centres, administrative offices, schools and other infrastructural facilities which are not currently connected to electricity.

Apart from Giciye II HPP, the Cabinet Meeting that took place on January 18, 2016 approved other 7 Micro Hydropower Projects to be constructed under Concession Agreements, namely:Nyundo, Rwaza-Muko, Rubagabaga, Nyirantaruko, Muhembe and Nyirahindwe I&II.

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