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Gas Methane Power Plant in Rubavu District now supplying 50 Megawatts of electricity to the grid

Shema Power Lake Kivu (SPLK), is a Gas Methane Power Plant that produces electricity from methane gas in Lake Kivu, the construction work of this plant  has been completed, it was built by a British company called Shema Power Lake Kivu Ltd (SPLK), and it is located in Busoro Cell, Nyamyumba Sector, Rubavu District.

The Manager of electricity at SPLK, Mr. Byiringiro Maximilien, says that the construction work of this plant has been completed, and they have started supplying electricity to the grid through the Rwanda Energy Group (REG).


He said, "We started supplying electricity to the grid for the first time on 15th March, 2023, at that time it was a test, but from March 2024 we are now supplying 50 megawatts on the grid and our production is succussful."


Kabuto Alexis; the CEO of SPLK says that initially this factory employed 500 workers, including 150 foreigners and 350 Rwandans, but due to the completion of the construction works, there are now less than 100 workers currently.

Kabuto says that his company's gas extraction will only generate electricity and no gas will be processed to be used for cooking.


Kabuto says that Rwanda will benefit a lot from this plant because in the agreement they signed with the Government of Rwanda, this electricity they provide is cheaper compared to how other private plants will sell to the Government.


Gakwavu Claver; the Acting Managing Director of EUCL, says that it is true SPLK has started supplying 50 megawatts to the grid.


SPLK started the construction of this plant on 01st October, 2019, which was supposed to be completed in two years, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


It was planned that the construction of this power plant will cost 220 million US dollars which is about 290 billion Rwandan francs.


In order to facilitate the investment, the Government of Rwanda helped Shema Power Lake Kivu Ltd to build infrastructure including roads, power lines from the plant to the on-grid, etc.


Currently, approximately 76% of households in Rwanda have electricity.
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