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Gakenke: More than 2,000 households are being connected to the grid 

Citizens living in Cyabingo, Kivuruga and Busengo sectors In Gakenke District are now being connected to the national grid as the line which was under construction to electrify the 3 sectors has already been completed and energized. These citizens say that are going to initiate some income generating activities thanks to electricity. 

Mukangwije Clementine lives in Cyabingo sector and her house has already been connected. She says that before getting electricity, they used to burn leaves from some crops to get light in the night. Now she just clicks on wall and gets light. 

 “Our children were unable to study during the night as there was no light, but now they can study anytime because we have electricity. We are charging our phones from our homes, there is no need to travel distances to get our phones charged.” She said. 

Nyirakubwimana Gaudance lives in Mutanda Cell said the same seeing Rwanda Energy Group’s technicians connecting her house to the grid.  She also said that electricity is going to catalyze development in their area. 

“We couldn’t think of starting businesses requiring electricity such as barber shops and milling machines, but now, since we have electricity, opportunities are many”, she added. 

The completed line in Gakenke is part of a bigger project which will electrify more than  9380 in households in 3 Districts of the Northern Province namely Gakenke, Burera and Musanze. 

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