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Burera: 4,700 households got electricity thanks to new completed distribution lines

New distribution lines to connect households in Burera District was completed and enabled connection of more than 4,700 households in the District. Construction of these lines was part of a big project sponsored by the World Bank  and it is implemented by REG. 

As explained by the Manager of REG branch in Burera District, Fulgence Nkundabakuze, the completed lines cover Nemba, Rwerere, Rugarama, Kagogo, Cyeru, Rugendabari, Ruhunde and  Cyanika Sectors. There some additional areas of Rulindo District which are also covered, including Base and Cyondo Sectors. 

“These lines enabled us to provide electricity to more than 4,790 households. We will even continue to increase the number of new connections as many areas parts of the District are now covered by  these new lines, therefore the rest of the households will be connected easily without necessarily building new lines” he said. 

Fulgence added that in general, the lines constructed cover more than 100 kilometers. . 

“The number of households which have access to electricity has tremendously increased. Now around 54.2% of households have electricity” he added.

Some of the citizens connected say that they are happy for this development and attest that their lives have changed. 

Jean Claude Mbihayimana lives in Tatiro Village, Cyahi Cell, Rugarama Sector. His house was connected to the grid a few months ago. 

 “I was connected on the 17th of last month. My whole family was in joy. I am now thinking of starting a new business. I had previously thought of bringing a millling machine, but someone else has already brought it. I bought a haircutting machine and an iron. People come to me for haircut and ironning, and I charge them some money. We are gaining a lot from this electricity” he said. 

Sindikubwabo Jean Pierre lives in Rubeja Village, Cyahi Sector. He also says that he was delighted to see his house connected.  

“Our village was very far from the grid and we had no hope to egt electricity soon. But thanks to these line, we now have electricity. We have lights at night, we watch TVs and we are happy!” he said. 

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