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A new distribution line from Ruhango has improved power supply in Bugesera

The issue of voltage drop has been solved in Bugesera District thanks to the recently completed distribution line linking Bugesera to Ntongwe feeder in Ruhango District. The line has added more 1.8 megawatts of electricity to the 7.7 MW supplied in Bugesera. 

Bugesera is made of 15 sectors which were previously supplied only by Mount Kigali Substation. Sectors which are very far from this substation such as Nemba and Shyara were having a problem of voltage drop. To address this issue, a secondary line was built connecting Bugesera to Ntongwe feeder in Ruhango which now supplies these sectors.

The manager of REG branch in Bugesera District, Rosine Kalisa, during an interview with the media, said that before, when all the customers were using electricity during peak hours, power cuts were frequent as the only substation supplying the areas was overloaded. 

REG also installed 3 auto-reclosers which help to detect and interrupt momentary faults on the our network made of 267 transformers. 

This network strengthening project has significantly reduced the number and duration of power cuts due to faults on the network in Bugesera District as attested by citizens living in the area. 

Bimenyimana Ibrahim, who owns an electrical mill, said that before, his clients used to bring their maize at his workshop and wait for hours without electricity. “today, no more lines of waiting clients, they are all served immediately as we have enough power” he said.  

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