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3038 households in Nyaruguru were connected to the grid 

Citizens living in Nyaruguru District who recently got access to electricity are happy for the development and attest that they are going to start small businesses to improve their livelihood. 

The Manager of Rwanda Energy Group (REG) branch in Nyaruguru, Niyotwizera Christophe, says that during the year 2017/18 the branch had a target to connect 1200 households but ended up connecting 3038.

During the first 6 months of the year 2018/2019, REG has already connected 2179 households and the target is to connect 4200 by June 2019. 

The citizens of Nyaruguru whose houses were connected attest that they have already started ripping fruits of this development. 

“We are very happy because we are expecting to achieve a lot thanks to this electricity. Now our houses are lit and we no longer travel long distance to go to a barber shop, everything is done from here” said one resident. 

Munyaneza Alphonse, is a church leader in Methodist church in Gabiro Cell. He said that electricity has enabled them to use musical instrument to bring ambiance in their prayers. 

“It’s been a week now since we got electricity. We bought these instruments but couldn’t use them without electricity. Now we can play them during the prayer.” He said

The Manager of Mata The factory located in Mata Sector, Emmanuel Kanyesigye, said that electricity has enabled the factory to reduce the cost of production. He gave an exemple on fuel, where they had to spend at least 40 thousand Frws every two hours.  “That was a lot of money spent when we did not have electricity.”

REG branch says that access to electricity stands at 36.7% while the target is 100% by the year 2024. 

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