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283 households in Kayonza to benefit from Solar Energy

From the left to right, Mr. Victor Kiwanuka, Bralirwa Managing Director and Eng. Yves Nshuti, EDCL Acting Managing Director

Kigali, 11th October 2017, Rwanda Energy Group signed an MoU with Bralirwa regarding a partnership to provide access to electricity to 283 households in Kayonza District.

In line with Heineken ambition of sourcing 60% of its raw materials used to brew beers locally, BRALIRWA and other shareholders started maize farming through a company called BRAMIN. The company is located at Ndego Sector, Kayonza District, Eastern Province.

Following  its community outreach policy, Bralirwa decided to consequently provide solar home systems to 283 households located around the above mentionned farm of Ndego in Kayonza, by providing solar home systems.

Whereas Rwanda Energy Group, through it’s subsidiary company in charge of energy development, EDCL (Energy Development Corporation Ltd.), which has off grid electrification in its mandate, this MoU will guide the implementation of this project. The following are the responsibilities of each party under this MoU:

EDCL shall have the following obligations:

  • To work closely with Ndego sector and Kayonza District in identifying eligible beneficiaries of solar home systems
  • To prepare the technical specifications for the solar home systems to be supplied and installed in eligible beneficiaries.
  • To provide the technical assistance in evaluation of technical bids during bid evaluation process.
  • To provide the technical expertise to BRALIRWA during the supervision of installations;
  • To provide the technical expertise to BRALIRWA during the approval of installation and maintenance reports received from the contractor;
  • To work closely with BRALIRWA in supervising after- sales services that will be provided by the contractor to eligible beneficiaries

BRALIRWA shall have the following obligations:

  • Lead in the procurement process of the firm to supply, install and provide maintenance to the beneficiaries;
  • Lead negotiations and sign the contract with the Supplier;
  • Work closely with EDCL in supervising, maintenance and after sales services to be provided by the contractor to eligible beneficiaries;
  • Work closely with EDCL in assessing and approving reports on this assignment that will be received from the contractor;
  • Pay the supplier’s invoices;
  • Be responsible of funding and preparation all the ceremonies that may be related to this project
  • Be responsible of handing over the project to beneficiaries
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