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14 facilities to be built to enable rural areas to productively use electricity 

In Rwanda, more than 54% of households already have access to electricity and it is expected that in the next four years no single household will be without it.

One of the main objectives making the Government of Rwanda invest more in electricity is to make it a pillar of economic development. 

It is in this context that Rwanda Energy Group, REG, through its subsidiary company, Energy Development Corporation Ltd (EDCL) in its electricity access rollout program, has started a project to construct facilities that will enable citizens living in rural areas to productively use electricity for their own development.

This project operating in Karongi, Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts in the Western Province is being implemented in partnership with FONERWA (Rwanda Green Fund). It consists of building and renovating 14 facilities including markets, integrated craft production centers and postharvest infrastructure in the 3 districts. 

Construction of the 14 facilities is one component of the project funded by the Global Environment Facility-Least Developed Countries Fund (GEF-LDCF) through African Development Bank. It aims at increasing the climate change adaptive capacity of vulnerable Rwandan communities to the adverse effects of climate change through livelihood diversification and investment in rural infrastructures. 

Construction works have already started and are expected to be completed before the end of the year 2020/2021. 

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