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Rwanda completes a new transmission line to receive power from Rusumo hydropower plant

While the construction of the Rusumo hydropower plant nears completion, so are the preparations for how the electricity to be generated will be transmitted and distributed into Rwanda’s national grid.

On the 07th of January 2023, a new transmission line to receive power from the plant was completed and energized.

This transmission line links Rusumo to Bugesera substation which will be used to supply electricity to Bugesera airport and Shango substation located in Gasabo District. The project total cost was around 21 million US dollars.

This 117-kilometer high voltage is added to the existing 973.14 kilometer transmission network in Rwanda that receive electricity from 49 power plants in Rwanda. It was built by two contracted companies namely Sterling and Wilson Pvt. Ltd. and ELECTROMONTAJ SA.

Rusumo hydropower plant which is about to be completed, will produce 80 megawatts of electricity that will be shared between Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

This means the similar lines are under construction in Burundi and Tanzania to ensure that once Rusumo hydropower plant is completed, all the three countries will be able to receive power from the plant.

The current power generation installed capacity in Rwanda is 276 megawatts, originating from various sources including hydro, peat, methane gaz and solar.

Once Rusumo plant will be completed, Rwanda’s power generation installed capacity will increase by 26.7 megawatts.
Apart from Rusumo hydropower plant, another power plant nearing completion in Rwanda is Shema Power Lake Kivu which will produce electricity using methane gas from Lake Kivu in Rubavu District.

Today, more than two million households in Rwanda have electricity, whether connected to the grid or using off grid solutions. It’s expected that by 2024, no home in Rwanda will be without electricity.

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