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Ongoing Reforms in electricity services to Ease Doing Business in Rwanda

Kigali - 20th April 2018, Rwanda Energy Group held a press conference to share the ongoing reforms aiming to facilitate doing business and create a favorable business environment in Rwanda by ensuring quality, affordability and reliability of electricity supply as well as ensuring effective service delivery.

In the 2017 Doing Business report published by the WORLD BANK, measuring the performance country-by-country of the Ease for Doing Business for Investors and Businesses, Rwanda’s was ranked 41st best worldwide from 56th in the previous year. That places Rwanda at No.2 in Africa & No.1 in East Africa. Getting electricity and reliability of the electricity supply are one of the indicators measured and the report indicated that there is a need for improvement in this area.

Improvements made in REG include the strengthening of transmission and distribution networks stability to ensure a better quality of power supply to our customers and stakeholders. An automated computation system was introduced to consistently monitor outages duration and frequency levels in recognized international network reliability measurements through which the System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) and the System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) are captured. Previously, these network reliability indices were not systematically captured which hampered the timely interventions and areas of focus during faults in the network.

Improvements were also made in service delivery. An online service portal was introduced to facilitate customers to apply for a new connection without being obliged to visit REG offices across the country, thereby reducing time, travel expenses and paper work. The portal is now accessible via REG website under the section of Links and Manuals(New connection application). 

In the same vain to facilitate doing business, REG is working towards the reduction of the number of days and procedures to get a new connection for investors. 

In order to ensure effective service delivery, Rwanda Energy Group has reviewed its service charter detailing service standards and showing customers what they can expect from REG, their rights and obligations, when and where they can contact REG in order to lodge a query or a complaint.

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