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Nyanza: 2943 households were connected in the last two months

Citizens living in Kibirizi and Ntyazo sectors of Nyanza District are jubilating as their households were connected to the national grid. A total of 2943 households were connected during the last 2 months. These citizens say that their lives have changed and that the service delivery in their area has improved. 

Nsengumuremyi Theoneste, The Executive Secretary of Ntyazo Sector where 1540 households were connected, , said that  electricity will be a great catalyzer of development for the population of the sector. 

“Business centers were not able operate during the night, but now they will keep working as they have electricity” he said, adding that obscurity during the night was also causing theft cases in his sector. 

Rebecca Nyiramfashijwenayo, a nurse at Katarara Health Post which was also connected to the grid, said that it was a nightmare to treat a patient during the night without electricity. 

“we were using torches and it was hard for us to see clearly enough, but now with electricity it’s easy.” she said, adding that they also need electricity to sterilize some materials to be used. 

Electricity access has also enabled these citizens to start new businesses and develop themselves. This is the case of Mutuyimana Alexis who immediately started a hair dressing shop after being connected. He resides in Katarara Cell. He says that his business now generates an income of 90,000 Frws every month with an interest of about 40,000 FRw. 

Kayibanda Omar, the manager of REG branch in Nyanza District, said that the branch has a target to connect 6,000 households before the end of the current financial year. So far the branch has already connected 5,000 during this year. 

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