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Nyabihu Substation to improve the quality of power supply in the Northern, Western and Southern Provinces

Nyabihu, July 09, 2022 - Hon. Eng. Patricie UWASE, Minister of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, officially inaugurated the 110/30kV Nyabihu Substation with the 110kV transmission line linking it with Mukungwa I hydropower plant (in Musanze District). The primary objective of this project was to improve the quality of electricity, ensure its stability and reliability of power supply in different parts of the Northern, Western and Southern Provinces in Rwanda. 

Construction of this 40MW Nyabihu substation and related transmission and distribution lines will significantly reduce power interruptions, voltage fluctuations and voltage drops in different parts of Nyabihu, Rubavu, Musanze, Ngororero and Muhanga Districts by reducing the length of the former Gisenyi feeder originating from Camp-Belge Substation located in Musanze, which was supplying this area at a distance of more than 700km. 

The long distance of the former Gisenyi feeder resulted into frequent power cuts affecting a big number of customers and causing network disturbances, maintenance difficulties and delays in network restoration. Furthermore, 3 micro-hydropower plants located in this area had no dedicated lines serving as power evacuation route. Connecting directly the 3 power plants to Gisenyi feeder was aggravating disturbances in the network. 

Thanks to the project, Gisenyi feeder is now sectioned into four major feeders including Camp-Belge, Giciye, Rubavu and Ngororero. This reinforced and stabilized the distribution network in the region thus maintaining the continuity of stable and reliable power supply in the region. 

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Eng. Patricie UWASE appreciated the achievement and said that this project is part of a bigger plan to ensure ¬that the Rwanda’s electricity supply meets the increasing demand.

“In our endeavor to achieve our target of 100% electrification by the year 2024, we are also focusing on ensuring reliable power supply, especially to developmental and productive areas which are the pillars of our economic development. This substation will not only improve power supply in the area, but it will also enable connection of industries located in Rubavu, Musanze, Nyabihu, and many other industries in the region. This area is also known to have a big produce of milk, there are many milk-collection centers which will benefit from a stable and reliable power supply” She noted. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Energy Group Eng. Ron Weiss said that this project is very important as REG was previously challenged by several power cuts in this area.  

“This project has improved stability, reliability and quality of power supply in Northern and Western parts of Rwanda. We’ve been able to minimize the number and duration of power interruptions and solve the problem of voltage fluctuations and voltage drops. Our distribution network is now stable and reliable to meet the growing demand of electricity from industries, big power consumers and future developments in the region.” he said.  

In connection with the economic development targets, the Government of Rwanda through Rwanda Energy Group has embarked on a country-wide development of electricity infrastructure to provide access to electricity and realizing its primary target of a 100% access by the year 2024 from the current rate of 73%. 

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