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Ngoma: Residents of Gatonde got access to electricity 

People living in Gatonde Cell, Kibungo Sector, in Ngoma District have got access to on-grid electricity and are now jubilating as this is a good opportunity for them to start new businesses and develop themselves. 

Emmanuel Bizimana says that before getting electricity, he used to go to Kibungo to charge his phone paying 100Frws but now he can charge it himself. 

“This is wonderful. I remember I used to go to Kibungo and pay 100 Frws to agents for charging my phone. We also were using “akatadowa” to get light in the night, now we just click on the wall and get a better light thanks to electricity.” Said Bizimana, adding that he is thinking of starting a small business such as welding doors and hair salon .

Mukantagara Dancile who also live in Gatonde says that using the traditional lamps (Akatadowa) was affecting her life as she was seeing residues of smokes from her nose. Now, as she has electricity, she won’t anymore use akatadowa. 

Nsabiyaremye Ephasto has already started a welding workshop in Gatonde. 

“I have already started using this electricity productively. I make doors and windows and earn money. We are happy and thankful for this development” he said. 

Sadju Hakizimana managing Gatonde Health Center says that before getting electricity, it was very hard for them to treat patients during the night as they had to hold a lamp to see. 

“Sometimes it was inconveniencing patients as every nurse needed someone to hold the lamp and this could breach their privacy principle.” 

During the last year, a total number of 6,508 households were connected to the grid while 4,365 were electrified through off-grid solutions. 

The percentage of households which have access to electricity has increased from 46% last year to 56% today. 

During this year (2019-2020), in Ngoma District, 4064 households from Kibungo, Remera, Rurenge and Mugesera Sectors will be connected to the grid  while 2700 will be electrified through off-grid solutions. 

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