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More than 90% of households in Rubavu District have access to electricity

Rubavu is one of the Western Province’s Districts which have a high electrification rate.  Today more than 90% of all households in the District have access to electricity.    

Last year alone, 11,000 households were connected to the grid while 1,100 were provided with standalone solar home systems. This has led to an increase in number of electrified households in Rubavu district from 78 percent to 90 percent today. 

During the current fiscal year 2021/2022, REG plans to provide electricity to more than 6,000 households and so far more than 4,000 have already electrified.  

The manager of REG branch in Rubavu, Butera Laurent, says that by the next fiscal year ending in June 2023, hopes are high that all residents of Rubavu district will have access to electricity, without waiting for the year 2024 which is targeted to reach the 100% electrification in Rwanda. 

Residents who recently got electricity are jubilating

Gilbert Hakizimana, a resident of Gatovu Cell, Nyundo Sector in Rubavu district, confirms that after getting electricity, life has changed. 

 ‘’All the electricity services we needed, required to travel to Mahoko to get those services and it cost us a lot of money because commuting and coming back cost us Rwf 2,000 excluding the cost of paying for those services, but now the problem has been solved because we have electricity.” Gilbert said. 

Hakizimana also said that as soon as he got electricity, he immediately brought in a grain mill, and even started a small bakery, which helped the residents of Gatovu Cell to get the services they were getting from Mahoko. 

According to Yvette Nkundabose, the representative of Gatovu Health Center in Nyundo Sector, the center was challenged to provide quality services without electricity, but today everything is perfect. 

"We could not stitch patients at night, and neither could take many tests because without electricity. We had no computer to prepare and submit reports or integrate patient’s information into MINISANTE systems. Today, all is solved thanks to REG electricity” Yvette Said. 

As of January 2022, the cumulative connectivity rate in Rwanda is 68.48% including 48.77% connected to the national grid and 19.71% accessing through off-grid systems (mainly solar). 

The current access targets of Rwanda’s government stipulate that 100% households will have access to electricity by the year 2024. Among these households, 70% will be connected to the national grid while 30% will be using off-grid solutions. 

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