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Kimironko: REG solves the voltage drop issue in 3 villages

On this 20th  December, Rwanda Energy Group replaced the already existing transformer in Kimironko Sector, Gasabo District, with a new stronger transformer to solve the issue of voltage drop which was affecting 300 citizens living in 3 villages of the sector.

The manager of REG branch in Remera, Fred Kagabo, said that the new installed transformer has a stronger capacity to serve dwellers of the Inganji, Imena and Ingenzi villages without any problem.

 “the replaced transformer had a 250 KVA capacity while the new one is 50KVA, meaning that it doubles the capacity of the old one” said Fred.

Fred also said that REG intends to maintain and strengthen the distribution lines in a bid to have a long-term solution to the voltage drop and power cut issues.

“the more people get developed and buy appliances that consumer a more electricity such as fridges, microwaves, cooking machines and many others, this increases the amount of electricity needed and this requires a stronger transformer” he added.

Many of the dwellers of the 3 villages who had high voltage appliances were not able to use them especially during peak hours.

As soon as the new transformer was installed, Hon. Ruku-Rwabyoma John, a member of parliament living in the area said on twitter “this This is indeed great news to residents who had had to cope with that problem for some time”.

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