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EWSA Ltd Has Split Into Two New Companies

The Government of Rwanda under the EDPRS II made commitments to accelerate economic growth and improve social welfare. Infrastructure is one of the key pillars, where energy and water utilities play a critical role. The repealed EWSA law provides the foundation for the ongoing reforms in the energy and water sector.

It is in that context, on Tuesday, 29 July 2014, an extraordinary Cabinet Meeting chaired by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul KAGAME, convened in Village Urugwiro approved the Prime Minister's Order determining modalities of transfer of responsibilities and property of Energy, Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA Ltd) and made also the following appointments in the two created Companies replacing EWSA Ltd: Rwanda Energy Group Limited (REG Ltd) and Water & Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC Ltd):

In Rwanda Energy Group Limited:

  1. Mr. MUGIRANEZA Jean Bosco: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  2. Mr NYAMVUMBA Robert: Managing Director of Energy Development Corporation Ltd
  3. Mrs MBABAZI Odette: Managing Director Energy Utility Corporation Ltd
  4. Board of Directors:
    • Dr. MUSAFIRI Papias: Chairperson
    • Mrs RWEMA Alice: Vice Chairperson
    • Mr ILIBONEYE Jean Claude
    • Mr MPORANZI Sam
    • Mr KAREMERA Francis
    • Mrs NAMUTEBI Rehema
    • Mrs BAGUMA Rose

In Water and Sanitation Corporation Ltd:

  1. Mr SANO James: Managing Director
  2. Board of Directors:
    • Mrs UMUHUMUZA Gisele: Chairperson
    • Mr DUSHIMIMANA Lambert: Vice Chairperson
    • Mrs UMUHIRE Chantal
    • Mrs ABABO Peace
    • Dr. MUNYANEZA Omar
    • Mr NDATSINZE Felix
    • Mr DUSHIMUMUKIZA Deogratias


Group Photo of new Board and Managing Director of WASAC Ltd

By separating Energy and Water operations through creating two companies Rwanda Energy Group, a holding company and Water and Sanitation Corporation, Government sought to have undivided attention to each sector and thereby be more effective to meet the stated objectives. The Companies started operations after the handover which took place at EWSA Ltd Headquarters on Thursday, July 31, 2014 where the outgoing Director General of EWSA Ltd Mr Ntare KARITANYI handed over to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rwanda Energy Group (REG Ltd),Mr MUGIRANEZA Jean Bosco and the Managing Director (MD) of Water and Sanitation Corporation Limited (WASAC Ltd), Mr. James Sano in presence of Hon. Minister of State in charge of Energy and Water: Germaine Kamayirese, the Boards of Directors of REG Ltd and WASAC Ltd, the appointed Managers of REG Ltd and WASAC Ltd.

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