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Access to electricity in Rwanda reaches 75.3% from 10% in 12 years

According to statistics, the number of households accessing electricity has increased from 10% in 2010 to 75.3% as of October 2022. The District with the highest rate has 99% while the lowest rate is above 50%.  The total number of households connected across the country is over two million today.

The Government of Rwanda has taken a policy decision to diversify the sources of electricity by adding to traditional dominant grid connections some mini-grid and off-grid connections. Subsequently, Households located far away from the planned national grid coverage are being encouraged to use alternatively cheaper connections such as Mini-grids and Solar Photovoltaics (PVs) to reduce the cost of access to electricity whilst relieving constraints on historical government subsidies.

Among the 75.3% households accessing electricity, 50.9% are connected to the national grid while 24.4% are accessing through off-grid solutions, mainly solar energy and mini-grids.

The current access targets stipulate a 100% access to electricity by the year 2024. 

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