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A new distribution line solves voltage drop issues in Itunda Village

A new distribution line was recently built and completed to serve residents of Itunda Village in Rubirizi Cell, Kanombe Sector , Kicukiro District, who had issues of voltage drop and several power cuts during evening hours. 

The new completed distribution network will serve 203 households. It is made of 1km Medium voltage line and 5.2 Low Voltage line with 2 two transformers with a capacity of 160KVA. 

Residents of Itunda Village expressed their happiness as they won’t anymore have issues of power cuts during peak hours. 

 “We can now use some appliances such as welding machines, fridges and irons. From now, we’ll be able to use them and even start some businesses requiring such appliances.” Said Habimana Abdallah, a resident of Itunda Village. 

The Manager of REG branch in Kanombe, Munyabugingo Charles, called upon residents of Itunda Village to start thinking about how they can productively use electricity for their own economic development and also protect the installed equipment against any voluntary damage. 


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