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8104 households are soon getting access to on-grid electricity in Rwamagana and Kayonza Districts

“We have set our targets but we will have to stretch them in the future. Our general target is to connect all Rwandans by 2024” said recently the CEO of Rwanda Energy Group, Eng. Ron Weiss.

Access to electricity in Rwanda is one of the key targeted development boosters by the Government. The current target, dubbed 7-5-2, stipulates a 100% access to electricity in Rwanda in 7 years while this percentage will be reached in Kigali City in only 2 years and all productive use centers (health centers, schools, handcraft centers, markets, …) in 5 years.

BTC is one of the main donors of the Government of Rwanda to meet these targets. The support is channeled through the Electricity Access Rollout Program, EARP, a program based in EDCL, intends to  provide access 20,340 households in the Eastern Province. 

Currently, 36.5% of households in the Eastern Province have access to electricity, including 24.5 connected to the national grid and 12% using off-grid solutions. Through a Tunisian contracting company, STEG, under BEEARP project, 8104 are currently being connected to electricity. Stringing works are over preceding the last step to connect house by house.

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