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246 employees of Rwanda Energy Group are pursuing REG Itorero , Phase 4

From 10th – 18th of May, 246 employees of REG Holding and its two subsidiary companies (EDCL and EUCL) are in a 9 days training where they are being taught civic education as well as Rwandan culture and values, a function called “Itorero” in Kinyarwanda.

This 9 day training which is taking place at Ubutore Development Centre located at Nkumba in Burera District. The trainees are being on national programs, national values and ethics aiming at promoting unity, tolerance, patriotism, democratic governance that lead to sustainable social and economic transformation. They are also having practical exercises aiming at helping them to think big, react quickly and develop their own characters around leadership, trust, self-motivation, engagement, resilience, partnership, team spirit, unity, individual and collective discipline.

In the opening ceremony that was conducted on Tuesday 11th of May, the Minister of National Unity and Civic Engagement, Hon. Bizimana Jean Damascene, called upon all the attending staff to be professional in their daily work and uphold unity. 

“When there is a power cut, the public immediately complains because they need electricity. You have to fix it no matter what and do it fast. The public doesn’t need to know that there was a  storm or another disaster, they just need electricity, and you are the ones to fix it at any time. This requires you to listen to such complaints, and address them immediately. There is no school where you’ learn how to prioritize citizens’ needs. That is learnt through our education at home but also it is learnt in Itorero” he said. 

The CEO of Rwanda Energy Group, Ron Weiss said that yhe training will cleanse the personal inadequacies and make REG staff better people in the community as well as their co-workers. This will not only accelerate the institutional development, but also boost Rwanda’s economic development when the values are applied in their daily activities.

The CEO went on by saying that after this fourth phase of Itorero, the fifth phase will take place from 23nd to 31st May 2022 in order to give to all REG staff an opportunity to be in Itorero.

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