Development & Operation of Mini-Grids Combined With Power Supply On Design, Build, Finance Operate (DBFO) Basis


N° EIU-2014-004

Development & Operation of Mini-Grids Combined With Power Supply On Design, Build, Finance Operate (DBFO) Basis


Energy, Water and Sanitation Ltd (EWSA) is Rwanda’s utility responsible for the production and distribution of energy, water and sanitation. Rwanda has progressed impressively engaging with private partners across all infrastructure sectors and in particular in the energy - and water sector. EWSA invites pre-qualification applications for the selection of eligible bidders to develop and operate on a DBFO basis mini-grids combined with power supply with an underpinning Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The PPA will be awarded through a transparent and competitive bidding process.

Project description

The Project entails developing and operating 20 mini-grids with approximately 2,000 connections each combined with power supply which may consists of micro-hydro, solar power or any other viable technology. The 20 areas will be grouped in lots providing economies-of-scale to the developer. The PPA envisages a payment structure dissecting two price components: (1) for developing and operating the mini-grid; and (2) availability of agreed power installed irrespective of actual final end-user demand.

Developers shall be shielded from end-users’ final demand volatility as this commercial risk will be borne by EWSA. EWSA will remain responsible for collecting end-users’ tariff collection and will pay the developer in accordance with the PPA. Applicants are invited to submit a prequalification document with the following chapter structure:

Chapter 1: Information sheet containing name and address of lead partner and associating companies, if any; names of three (3) contact persons and contact details. Annexed should be:

 Articles of incorporation or registration of the lead applicant.

 In case of a joint venture an association agreement duly signed by all applicant members. Associating with local firms is required. .

 Power of Attorney assigning a duly authorized applicant’s representative.

Chapter 2: Company profile of applicant(s) including a description of countries of operation and main business activities.

Chapter 3: Demonstration of sufficient international experience in both project components, i.e. developing and operating mini-grids and power supply as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Regional experience in Africa is required. Supporting evidence shall be provided e.g. copies of PPAs or certificates of good completion/performance.

Chapter 4: A signed statement by a duly authorized representative of the applicant(s) that the firm is in good financial order, is not bankrupt, is not having their affairs managed by a court, has not entered into an arrangement with its creditors, or has not suspended its business, or similar or related situations

Chapter 5: Sufficient financial standing by demonstrating an annual turnover exceeding US$15 million in each of the last two book years and confirmed by auditedfinancial statements.


Pre-qualification documents from companies under categories below shall not be considered:

 Past contractual non-performance in the past 3 years with the Government of Rwanda or any of its entities

Procurement process

 After evaluating received prequalification documents, a shortlist of companies responding to the prequalification criteria will be drawn up.

 Shortlisted companies will be issued a Request for Proposal and invited to submit both technical and financial bids.

 Further project information may be obtained from our contact person John Rutagengwa (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Submittal prequalification document

Envelopes clearly marked with “Prequalification Development &Operation Mini-Grids Combined With Power Supply” should be submitted in hard copy (one original and three copies) before 10:00 hours (local time) on 11th July2014at the address below:

Energy, Water and Sanitation Ltd (EWSA)

Attention of John Rutagengwa-EWSA Investment Unit

Avenue du Lac Ihema, P. O. Box 537 Kigali, Rwanda

Tel :+(250)(0)252573666; Fax :+( 250)(0)252573802



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