REG staff commit to zero tolerance to corruption

This Saturday 09th September 2017, all the staff of REG Holding and its subsidiaries (EDCL & EUCL) held a one day retreat to discuss on the ways to enhance professionalism and ethical standards at workplace.

During this meeting which was officiated by the Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. James Musoni, REG staff got presentations from the Auditor General and Rwanda National Police.

Addressing the media during a press conference organized after the meeting, the CEO of REG, Eng. Ron Weiss explained that the meeting aimed at improving the service delivery of the company and deal with corruption issues.

“Starting from today, REG is going to a different direction. We will not at all tolerate any kind of corruption behavior”.

The following were the resolutions of the meeting:

1.     There will be zero tolerance to bribery, corruption - this includes failure to act as expected (indifference will not be accepted), and Staff will be held personally accountable.

2.     We will focus on ensuring efficient technical and financial management, including maintaining proper books of accounts and timely reporting.

3.     Management will increase the training for values, ethics, professionalism and their enforcement for mindset change. Then Staff that do not live up to Company Values shall be identified and dismissed.

4.     Internal audit function, with the support of the criminal investigation unit, will be strengthened to deal with malpractice within the company, to question lack of results not mere procedures and respond in a timely manner.

5.     Directors and Heads to be empowered to take disciplinary action within set guidelines, including suspensions subject to thorough investigations and to be held accountable when no actions are not taken

6.     A disciplinary committee has been constituted and will be empowered to take direct actions against individuals involved in any form of malpractice, including hindering company development. We will focus on ensuring discipline. Note that the disciplinary committee is not a court and not required to provide evidence When the committee is convinced that someone is involved in a fraudulent action, he will be fired and the company will bear the consequences.

7.     All Company Assets/Materials shall be distinctly marked. Every individual will be required to use and safeguard company resources ONLY for the benefit of the Company objectives and to be held responsible if this fails.

8.     Key Service delivery parameters like, sales, new connections and resolving network faults, outages etc shall be responsibilities of the Branch and each Branch Manager shall account for performance. Supervision and Monitoring has to be effective at every level of the Company.

9.     We will improve communication and transparency at all levels of management. We encourage the public to report any illegal activity by using the anti-corruption line 0788310606.

10.  Procedure manuals will be reviewed, with special emphasis on procurement procedures.

11.  Management will improve projects control including materials’ supply.

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