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Kayonza: Residents of Ndego Sector got access to electricity as they...

Residents of Kayonza District in Ndego Sector are jubilating households and various institutions including the Sector Office and the Health Center and...


Kwibohora26: Reflecting on milestones in the energy sector, the...

When the country was liberated on July 4, 1994, everything was in crumbles and every sector of the economy had to start from zero. The energy sector...


Rutsiro: for the first time in the history, Nyabirasi sector residents...

Residents of Nyabirasi Sector in Rutsiro District are happy to have access to electricity, which they considered a dream. Nyabirasi sector is one of...


A new distribution line solves voltage drop issues in Itunda Village

A new distribution line was recently built and completed to serve residents of Itunda Village in Rubirizi Cell, Kanombe Sector , Kicukiro District,...

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