The Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) is mandated to :

a) Increase investment in development of new energy generation projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner to expand supply in line with EDPRS and other national targets;
b) Develop appropriate transmission infrastructure to evacuate new plants and deliver energy to relevant distribution nodes;
c) Plan and execute energy access projects to meet the national access targets.

Key mandates of EDCL include:

Development and implementation of the least cost energy development plan in line with the Government Policy and strategic objectives;

Direct the Electricity Access Roll-Out Program by establishing and implementation plan and strategy in line with the overall sector strategy;

Undertake economic and technical studies needed for the development of the infrastructure required new electric power plants, transmission and distribution network, oil and gas infrastructure, primary and social energy resources development projects;

Establish appropriate project and contract management policies and procedures;

Advise on the development of social energy projects.

This ring-fenced approach to development is designed to enhance accountability of development resources with the various stakeholders while at the same time opening space for increased private sector participation.

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